Full Wolf Moon

It was a beautiful winter night at the Hakubai Temple in Boulder, Colorado.  In honor of the full Wolf Moon, Andrew Schelling read his poems “To the Secretary of the Interior,” and “Colorado Wolf Dance Song.”  Eloquent reminders of the fact that Gray Wolves are currently in urgent need of our defense.


Dear Secretary Salazar,
Here in your home
state Colorado
polls show the population
largely in favor of reintroducing
the Gray or Timber Wolf to our
mountains. I once wrote
that I hoped my children would live
to hear the wolf howl some day.
Word has it you are working to
remove the wolf from Federal protection
and hope shortly to delist it
from the Endangered Species Act.
This leaves as you know wolf
management in the hands
of ranching interests, and as a federal court
noted, does bypass proper scientific
study of whether the Northern
Rocky populations are viable.
I want to suggest
that should you remove
protection, and many of Idaho’s wolves
disappear under the guns of mid-level bureaucrats,
we request the Teton Lakota rename
their winter month ‘Moon when the
wolves used to run,’
and petition the Farmer’s Almanac
to delist January as Full Wolf Moon—
they could rename it Moon of
Political Payback,
Aerial Gunning Moon
or Full Moon of the Rancher’s Lobby.

Thank you.

Andrew Schelling


Old Lefty of Burns Hole

Old Whitey of Bear Springs Mesa

Rags the Digger of Cathedral Bluffs

The Unaweep Wolf near Whitewater

Big Foot, west of DeBeque

The Phantom Wolf, outside Fruita

The Greenhorn Wolf of Butler Pasture

Three Toes of the Apishapa

Andrew Schelling


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