Letter to the Obama Administration

March 14, 2010

To President Barack Obama and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar:

Why are you allowing “Predator Hunting Derbies,” and why do you follow Bush Administration environmental policies?  Since the Gray Wolf was protected under the Endangered Species Act in 1974, and reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park in 1995, scientists and wildlife managers have worked to restore wolves to a genetically viable population.  Many scientists say we have not, as yet, reached that level. They have pointed out an undeniable fact:  Gray Wolves have drastically improved the ecosystems of Yellowstone National Park, as well as surrounding areas of the Northern Rockies.  They have cited that less than one percent of livestock deaths are caused by wolves.

What would wilderness be without wolves and other large predators?  A sickly-sweet, Bambi-esque romp through over-grazed meadows and ravaged forests.  An environment where trees succumb to disease and blight due to overpopulation of deer and elk, thus diminishing habitats for constellations of other species.  In the wild world, prey balances predator, predator balances prey – this is nature’s logic; there is no cruelty involved, it is the hub of the wheel, survival at its most basic.  For many humans, wolves represent the savage beauty of our natural world, connecting us to our own primordial DNA.

As someone who voted for the Obama Administration, I ask, in all sincerity: How can a species be considered “endangered” one day, and a “game animal” the next? What is your reasoning?  Who are you listening to?  The current issue of National Geographic magazine is just one of many publications presenting a balanced report based on scientific evidence.  There are years of research to back it up.  Will you listen to scientists?  What are your answers?

I challenge your administration to respond to the U.S. citizens and taxpayers who desire responsible protection of our wild lands and wildlife for future generations.  When pondering a decision in the present, many Native American traditions look seven generations forward to envision its effect.  I ask you:  Are you making responsible decisions for that seventh generation?

Please take immediate action to protect Gray Wolf populations from further decimation, and create a sound, scientific plan for their future survival.

Respectfully and ardently,

Suzanne DuLany

Boulder, Colorado

Watch Ashley Judd’s appeal to the Obama Administration:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uxJPjhSnHg

Send your own letter to President Obama through his link at right.

To send a message to Ken Salazar, go to the link at right, click on “feedback.”

Also, you can go to the National Resources Defense Council site at right to “Find your elected officials” by typing in your zip code.


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