Eco-Poets at The Jack Kerouac School

The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, at Naropa University, has on its faculty two distinguished poets who consistently speak on behalf of ecological concerns:  Jack Collom and Andrew Schelling.

Jack Collom has been teaching Eco-Lit for the past twenty years. In the upcoming edition of Bombay Gin, Naropa’s literary journal, Jack’s work, and that of selected students from Eco-Lit, will be prominently featured.  Below is a wolf-inspired poem by Jack Collom, as typed on his electric typewriter.  Click on the image of the poem to enlarge.


Andrew Schelling is a professor of poetry, literature, and translation at Naropa University, and Editor-in-Chief of Bombay Gin. The following poem is an excerpt from a larger work, called  Arapaho Songbook. A more extensive selection from this work will be featured in the upcoming issue of Bombay Gin.

Biologists on the plateau
studying wolf incursions from Idaho
keep the name taboo alive –
‘visitors from the north’
they photograph pawprints collect scat
there’s message in urine marks
a parda grammatica
If I knew your real name
could read it off the rocks would you too
be anamika, Un-Named?


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