Legal Victory for Wolves!

Howling wolves at a sanctuary in Pennsylvania

On August 5th, a federal judge ruled that U.S. Fish and Wildlife illegally removed gray wolves in Montana and Idaho from the Endangered Species List in 2009. Wolves in the Northern Rockies are officially re-listed and will not be hunted again this fall (they are still hunted in Alaska).  Sincere gratitude to Judge Molloy, and to the numerous environmental organizations who fought the battle in court.  Here is a link to the ruling:

And a link to the Center for Biological Diversity’s “Gray Wolf Recovery” plan:

2 responses to “Legal Victory for Wolves!

  1. I love your website–so cool how you mix in the art and inspiration with hard news like this story on re-listing. Would be great to see some coverage of the Mexican Gray Wolf ( on here as well. There are just about 50 left in the wild in Arizona and New Mexico, and lots of room for improvement in the way they’re managed. The more people like you help to spread the word, the more effectively wolf and wildlife champions can advocate for their protection!

    • Dear Nicole,
      Thank you so much for your comment. The point about the Mexican Gray Wolf is well taken, & I have been following that situation as well. That any wolves are being poached & harassed while under protection reveals the need for public education & inspiration – which good writing & art can provide. I will definitely be advocating for the preservation of Mexican Gray Wolves on my blog. Stay tuned!!

      In solidarity,

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