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Coming Full Circle: Wolf Moon to Wolf Moon

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On Friday evening, January 21st, poet Andrew Schelling celebrated the full Wolf Moon with his annual poetry reading – accompanied by Mark Miller on flute and saxaphone – at the Hakubai Temple, in Boulder, Colorado (there’s a post from last year’s event).

Schelling read from his soon-to-be-published collection: Arapaho Songbook (Alameda Press), in which the wolf “speaks,” and is spoken of, with tender and vigilant concern. The cover features a Frederic Remington painting of a lone Gray Wolf beneath the starry sky, eyes glowing like two more stars in the night. It’s a fitting cover for a work that draws inspiration from the study of local Arapaho language and culture, a culture going back hundreds of years to a time when wolves were respected residents of this area. More to come…