The wolf, canis lupus, is an integral member of vast ecosystems on the North American continent, and as such, deserves the basic right to live and thrive in these environments. Human communities, through intelligent means, must find solutions to issues of wolf-human conflicts, which occur primarily in areas where livestock are present, or where habitat is greatly diminished. Like any dispute over territory, resolution can be attained by recognizing mutual benefits for co-existence. The purpose of Humans for Wolves, is to articulate*, as eloquently as possible, a vindication for the existence of wolves.

Collaborative Project

Writers and artists from all disciplines are invited to contribute original work, addressing the subject of wolves, to this site. Selected writing will be compiled into a chapbook; selected artwork will be part of an exhibit, to be scheduled in 2011/12, in our sister cities of Austin, Texas, and Boulder, Colorado.  Our intention is to present a compilation of persuasive poetry, prose, and artwork to decision makers in Washington, D.C.

The Renga

Originally a Japanese genre, the renga is a collaborative poem, consisting of multiple three-line stanzas.  The first stanza, called the hokku, sets the tone or theme, though poets are encouraged to diverge and return to the original tone as the renga evolves. Modern versions of renga play with the form, and don’t adhere to any particular rules.

Please go to the Wolf Renga page, and contribute a stanza of your own. Use the “comments” window to post, and your poem will soon be pasted into the body of the page.  Note:  This renga is separate from our call for Poetry and Prose. Use the “comments” windows to post on those pages as well. For Art submissions, send jpg images, with artist’s name, title of work, medium, size and date to humansforwolves@gmail.com. You are welcome to make multiple submissions.

*articulate v.t. 1 a : to give clear and effective utterance to : to put into words <articulate one’s grievances>; b : to utter distinctly <articulating each note in a musical phrase>; c : to give definition to (as a shape or object) <shades of gray were chosen to articulate different spaces – Carol Vogel>; d : to give shape or expression to (as a theme or concept)<a drama that uses eerie props to articulate a sense of foreboding>                                                                                                                                                                                                           Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary


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  1. A number of your links under “Links” are no longer valid. FYI
    Kudos to you for advocating for wolves.
    David Forjan

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