Feel free to contact Humans for Wolves via email at:

This email account is a great place to send jpg images for the Art page, Word documents to be posted on the Poetry and Prose pages, or to ask questions. I’ll try my best to answer.

If you’d like to make a proposal for another header image, please do.

Thanks for your interest!

Suzanne DuLany


2 responses to “Contact

  1. John Brownlee-Baker

    I would like to join your mailing list and get more information on your organization.
    Ever, John

    • John,

      Thank you so much for your interest! The Humans for Wolves blog began in 2009, when the Gray Wolf was removed from the Endangered Species List and hunted in the Northern Rockies. At the time, as a graduate student in poetry, I felt the need to create a space where writers, poets, and artists could re-imagine the wolf, and chip away at negative stereotypes so often found in the media and in literature. Art has the power to persuade at the deepest levels. Ultimately, I would like to organize readings and exhibits around the country.

      Please feel free to contribute writing or art of your own – and the writing may be journalistic as well. I will add you to my email list.

      For the wolves,

      Suzanne DuLany

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