Wolf Renga

You can add a stanza inspired by the previous one(s), or change the direction and mood of the renga.  One option is to use “breaking news” in the environmental realm.  To add a stanza, type it into the “comments” box below, then “submit.”  Your piece will be sent to humansforwolves@gmail.com, and soon posted.                         ________________________________________________________

Predator Killing Derby
“wolf distress calls” in

slow moon, her howl loops in light
silhouettes a penumbra of gray
fur pressed to snow

wolves whelp (whittled)
wild (wreckage)
winter (without)
[        ]

her tracks paint
shallow canyon walls and
I wait beside time

eerie aid of howl
endangered to slaughtered
an echo of history

(wolf massacre)

lifeless wolf
dangling from the plane

forever like the moon
I dream of wolf —
only to wake

Morning light on glitter snow
my den is warm
pups steam
against inkblot trees

we hide here
cavern of solitude, breathing

like marks on a page
pressed into each
story of survival

sustenance an entity
recoiled, pouncing
shrieks & howls to startle stiff

a toothy snatchy

It is by relation to
other that we know
ourselves. Who are
we without wolf?

Eye of firelight
searing the night. Trace
scent. Calloused pads
cushion the pawprint. Trace

that tender place where
fur meets lip –

heard across state lines
reprieve from the ordinary

“Paws Sprout Rollerskates
Wolf Surprised by
Inexplicable Coordination”

wolf flow
around a circle –
the summer dance

potayto, potahto
extinction, extanction
wolf, wilf, walf

potatoes are big in Idaho
seems wolves are not

Newly issued license
shoot the –

ears ringing
life-less eyes

What the fuck is wrong with people?
eating hash browns in Ned one morning
the whole diner singing
Werewolves of London

Little Red Riding Hood
her grandmother, a wolf

rushing through trees
gyrating nose shaped like

What is wilderness
without the wild?
“erness” =

All of it –
moon, stars, goldfish
meaningless if we never notice

this chain of life
I wonder how rabbits feel
about wolves?

I wonder how wolves feel
about rabbits? Do they know
they flow backwards?

Sick of scrying
are they
terrified tonight.

Stalking Wolf wolfed his waffles;
unwilling to share with little Tom Brown Jr


Renga Contributors:

David Amdur

Allison Baker

Bianca Becker

Gabrielle Berghammer

Denise (Bo) Boehler

Travis Bowman

Ania Chapska

Jack Collom


Suzanne DuLany

Tyler Gill

RJ Ingram

Anthony LiMuti, Jr.

Michael Madura

Lindsay Michko

Gabrielle Obiya

Jennifer Phelps

Janna Plant

Derek Pyle

Christopher Peter Redlich The First

Bradley Sands

Theresa Stefaniak

Paul Tucci


One response to “Wolf Renga

  1. Christopher Peter Redlich The First

    Stalking Wolf wolfed his waffles;
    unwilling to share with little Tom Brown Jr

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